From Linda Heath. May 2005

     Hi, my name is Linda. I've lived in NYC for the last 31 years.. but I'm originally from New Bern. A friend of mine who's also from NC and I were just talking about bands at home when we were young and I mentioned Nantucket. He said something about "didn't I see them warm up for ELPowell in Charlotte in 1986?"... which floored me because I worked for ELP for about 5 years in the 70s... but in 1986 I stayed home. So I knew nothing about that... anyway, it made me look up this site.

     I met Nantucket... when they were Nantucket Sleighride.. and they used to play in and around New Bern all the time. Tommy Redd lived really near my family in White Oak/Silverdale. When I was around 16, I went with them to a show where they backed up the Ides of March in Greenville, around 1973 maybe. Kenny was at ECU at the time. They also played a lot at a club in New Bern called Diamond Jims. They even played the prom at New Bern High School around then... but I do still have a couple of pictures. And since I didn't see any concert shots on your site from this far back... thought I'd send them along. I think these 2 color shots were taken at Diamond Jims late in 1973. And of course, I'm sending you the pic of them playing the prom in New Bern (1973)...

     The only trivia I can remember from back then is that Mike and Larry's dad used to own a car dealership I believe in Jacksonville or Wilmington (can't remember now, although I do remember Mike & Larry were living in Wilmington at that time), and my sister (who was 26 years older than me) dated their dad in high school... Ahh to be southern.. ;-)

     BTW.. the last time I saw them was when they played CBGB's here in NYC in the 70's. And the funny thing is, I went out with Bon Scott for awhile in '77 and never knew that they even played with AC/DC on the road.

     But its cool to see that Nantucket are still playing... and that Tommy is still crazed and insane... I remember another guy in the band during that time named Tim...I didn't see him mentioned..Now I see that Kenny lives here now.. I'll have to go look him up, afterall I attended my first percussion clinics at ECU with him.. when he had those huge funny sideburns.. ;-)

     ~Linda Heath