A moment in time many people will never, ever forget...

    On May 11th 2006, a concert was held at the Disco Rodeo in Raleigh to raise money for the fight against leukemia. Nantucket and PKM were the co-headliners at the show. Since the show featured lots of bands, the stage was divided in half so that one band could be playing while the next band was setting up. There were also separate lighting systems set up for each side of the stage.

    Nantucket took the stage around 9:30, and while they were playing, PKM began to set up. At the end of Nantucket's set, they left the stage and PKM was ready to start their set. With the prompting of "Emcee for the evening" Bono (Sidewinders long time Master of Ceremonies) Nantucket was called back for an encore. They immediately launched into AC/DC's "Long Way To The Top". On the darkened left side of the stage and as far as I know totally unplanned, PKM's Pee Wee, who played bass with Nantucket on the "Long Way To The Top" album began to play along with Nantucket. Hearing this, PKM's Mike Gardner and Jason Patterson, who was sitting in with PKM for Kenny Soule (who was unable to make the show) also joined in. Realizing what was happening, the lighting engineer turned on the lights on PKM's side of the stage and with that history was made.

    There, before a thrilled crowd was Nantucket and PKM playing "Long Way To The Top" together. Needless to say, with 10 people (including Rod Abernathy who was there to sit in with PKM) playing the same song at the same time, this was easily the most powerful version of this song I have ever heard. Even the band members seemed to be surprised by how awesome the song turned out to be. Thank goodness Terry Strom captured a snap shot of this incredible moment.

PKM AND NANTUCKET SHARE THE STAGE                                                                       Photo by Terry Strom
PKM and Nantucket L to R: Pee Wee, Rod, Jason, Mike, Bono, Benny, Eddie (behind Benny), Larry, Glenn (behind Larry), Tommy & Mike (not shown)