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Why Take Piano Lessons?

Of all the musical instruments out there, piano is one of the most basic and many consider the easiest to learn to play. With a piano, all you do is press the key and you have a perfect musical note. With wind instruments you will spent lots of time just learning the proper way to blow into the instrument to get a note, with drums you will have to develop full body coordination and with stringed instruments much time is spent learning to contort fingers to achieve the proper chord. Yes this may seem overly simplistic but with a piano, you just press a key and the piano does the rest. Learning piano first can also be a gateway to other instruments. Piano lessons teach the basics of music; reading notes, learning scales & chords, music terminology and dexterity with the hands. All these attributes easily transfer to other instruments and even the youngest child can learn the basics with proper instruction. In fact, for younger children, many suggest piano lessons first before moving on to other instruments. Along with being a steeping stone to other instruments, research studies have shown that piano lessons may increase a child's ability in abstract reasoning, a skill necessary for both math and science. Also, being able to play to a steady beat increases a child's ability to bounce a basketball and since playing the piano involves using both hands simultaneously, it is one of the few activities that uses most of the brain 90% according to some studies!

Selecting The Right Piano Teacher

While there is a wealth of information for self-study available now; software, books, CDs and DVDs, these are only part of learning to play piano. The correct application of the information is essential to success and enjoyment. One-on-one lessons with a professional instructor will add benefits not possible through a do-it-yourself approach. Experienced professional teachers have the knowledge to not only teach how to do something, but how to do it the RIGHT WAY. Someone who has taught for years has learned how to practice the right way, how to overcome difficult passages and how to choose the right fingerings to move smoothly around the keyboard. You will benefit from such understanding in many ways, including faster progress to your desired goal.

Private Piano Lessons Vs Group Piano Classes

Private one-on-one piano lessons offer students a more complete knowledge of their chosen instrument. For those who are serious about their playing, private lessons are the way to go. Group piano classes are great for beginners and those desiring a more basic educational experience. If you desire to learn a few songs to entertain family and friends group classes are your best bet.

Standardized Lesson Programs Vs Personalized Lesson Programs

A standardized program is one where all students study using the same curriculum. While these programs will teach you to how to play, a personalized lesson program may prove to be more enjoyable and allow you to study the style you are most interested in.

Choosing A School

While there are many choices out there, it is important to consider all the offerings a school may have. Any school can teach you how to play a piano, but there is more to becoming a musician than just learning notes. Many students will desire an opportunity to demonstrate their newly learned skills and have the opportunity to perform with other musicians. For those students, a school should offer a program that lets them experience the thrill of working with other musicians and performing live shows. We've found that students who have the opportunity to perform solo or in an actual band environment tend to practice more and are more likely to continue to enjoy their lessons.

Our School

Our school is conveniently located in Raleigh, NC. All instructors at our Music School are working professionals in the music industry and come from diverse performance and educational backgrounds. We carefully screen all potential instructors to ensure that only those truly committed to teaching are accepted. Our much copied Rock School is the only one in the area to offer year-round band programs for kids and adults, to ensure that our students have an ongoing musical experience that will take their abilities to the next level.

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