Were you a Nantucket crew member
at some time? PLEASE E-MAIL ME!

Info provided by Steve Winstead:

Hey, it's me Steve "Chinner" Winstead. I'd like to clear up something.....I work for Mike Campbell lead guitarist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, not for Tom. I started with them in 1989 after doing tours with the Georgia Satellites. I have also done work with/for Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Phil Collins among many others. I am currently out with John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival........hope that helps. P.S. I will never be able to repay the debt I owe Tommy Redd for asking my Mom if I could go with him to Virginia Beach for a couple of weeks way back in 1974!! Alonzo, you da man!!!
Info provided by Joey Giffin:

Hi, my name is Joey Giffin, my stage name was Pancake. I worked with the band off and on for 20 years and I still do. We just played in Greensboro at Plum Crazys. Great show! Eddie couldn't be with us. Thumbs and Jason did a kick ass show and the rest of the band..... do I have to say, they were AWESOME. Oh b4 I forget, I first sold shirts, now I do stage. Mike has told me that I am the stage and the road man show. Tony Downing is helping also when he can. We have 4 more shows that I know of, well they havent been signed yet ...but I belive they will be good. Till then keep rocking
Info provided by Mark Grossmann:

Mark Grossmann
I took over front of house when Eddie and Greg left back in 1981. Was with the boys for about a year. Ahh, the rental trucks to pick up and return. I also did a great impression of Tommy and the road manager, Graham "Look, it's my F'n gig, man!!!!!" Cook (Cookie), who is also not on the list. If anybody knows how to get up with Steve Winstead, I'd like to drop him a line.

I've been with the Band of Oz for 14 years and this Sunday (6/20/04) I'm retiring from the road after 26 years.

Info provided by JESSEBOLT1:

Jimm Cash
1986-1988. Worked with Alex and Chuck and Wayne Brown. The band was Larry, Alan, Perry and Jason. Went on to work as Lighting Designer at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Then for Holland America Cruise line. Now working and living in Stamford, CT. Also owned Triangle Stage Lighting from 1990-1993. Works for a company that manufactures power distribution and cable assemblies for the motion picture and theatrical industry now. Inside sales and customer service manager.

Info provided by Eddie Blair:

Greg Page - Ed Hopson
Greg and Hopson worked for us starting around 1978 right before the Kiss dates.

Steve Holbrook - Mike "Bert" Bertrand
Bert and Steve were roadies before the record deal but Steve stayed on long afterward and road managed during the first record tours and eventually went to CMC and booked many of our dates.

Info provided by Joe Yanulevich:

Steve, here are the names and their past and current jobs. We were the crew on the RCA album No Direction Home tour 82-83. The band was Richard Gates, David "Thumbs" Johnson, Tommy Redd, Mark Downing, Eddie Blair, Larry Uzzell

Joe Yanulevich: Lights

Ernie Hudson: Guitar Tech. Currently guitar tech with Creed.

Raybob Hunt: Truck Driver. Drives custom buses for Florida coach, last seen on Penthouse/Jim Beam model tour.

David Heath: Monitor Engineer. Drives tour Semi Trucks for Upstaging a Concert tour production company based in Chicago.

David Haskell: Monitor Tech. Currently lives in Nashville Tn and works with Alabama's Management.

Eddie "Mole" Hebert: Front of house sound engineer. Last seen in Spartanburg SC while I was doing lighting for a Patti Labelle concert in 92.
    UPDATE 7/19/08: Hi. Just surfing the web and ran across a PKM and Nantucket web site. My name is Eddie (MOLE) Hebert. I was the road manager and front of house sound engineer for Nantucket from 1982 - 1984. Before me there was David (Bennie) Heath and Ed Hopson. After Nantucket I went on tour with THE ISLEY BROTHERS. After that tour ended, I worked for PKM as front of house engineer. After me, David Clemmer mixed sound for PKM. Not sure where he is now. In the late 80's I moved back to SC and worked for a few beach music bands and retired from the music business in 1995. I now live in SC on Lake Marion with my wife Darlene. Any of you guys out there remember me give me a buzz. I sure would like to hear from you. My e-mail is harleysprocket at

Steve Donahue: Merchandise and Motor Home Driver. Last seen managing a nightclub in Pennsicola Fla on a Joan Jett tour in 91.

Larry Scott: Tour Manager. Last saw Larry on a Pat Travers show I did lighting for, he was Pats tour Manager 91.
    Update 10/20/02 by Carol Shubkin: Last time I saw Larry Scott, he was tour manager for BTO. That was just a few years ago at Speed Street in Charlotte. He was still living in FL and said he was taking over management of a club in Daytona or some place like that. He could still be with BTO whenever they tour.

List provided by Doris Ackerman:

A list of crew members for the band...

Tommy Albert

Click To Enlarge BB Nations

Robin Kurth

Brad Skinner: Guitar Tech/Stage Manager with Nantucket 84-86. I'm living in Raleigh still in contact with the band, I've done a few of the Nantucket Reunion shows. I'm now a full time dad (love it:) and Sound Tech/Production Manager at Lincoln Theatre....

Eddie Baker

Chuck Chason

Click To Enlarge Alex Thomas: I learned the ropes working with Nantucket beginning in 1976. We would travel around with the crew helping set-up and tear-down the equipment. Steve Holbrook was the lighting director in those days and I helped build the massive light show they used. I later joined the four piece band that consisted of Larry Uzzell, Alan Thornton, Perry Richardson, and Jason Patterson.

  • Aviator: 1980 - 1982 - lighting director
  • Stratus: 1982 - lighting director
  • Maxx Warrior: 1983 - 1985 - lighting director / crew chief
  • Nantucket: 1985 - 1989 - lighting director / tour manager
  • FireHouse: 1989 - 1991 - lighting director / tour manager / assistant tour manager for FireHouse on Warrant Tour.
  • 1996 graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a bachelors degree in accounting.
  • 1998 earned certification as Certified Public Accountant.
  • Currently working as a manager with a public accounting firm.
Wayne Brown

Bryan Hartley: Born in NC. Played guitar in cover bands in High School. I then moved to Raleigh and took a lighting job with Nantucket from 84-85. They needed a lighting guy with lights, so I became a lighting guy from that point on. After leaving Nantucket I moved to New York City and worked with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts for about 10 years, while doing other tours like New Edition, Megadeth, Cameo. I then landed a job with KISS in '93 and have done all the Reunions, Farewells, Last Farewells and so on. Currently, I am out with the Trans Siberian Orchestra, a Rock Christmas show. Then with KISS for an Orchestra show in Australia for Pay Per View on Feb 28th 2003.

Jack Cassidy

John Kovach (Chopper): I worked with Nantucket as Guitar Tech, then Monitor Engineer, then FOH Engineer and Tour Manager. After leaving the band to move to Florida, I quit the music business for a while, but couldn't get it out of my system.

I have been Internationally touring for the last 25 years. Most recently, I was FOH Engineer and Tour Manager for Mothers Finest for 3 years and left them in 2003. I have spent alot of the last 8 years touring Europe with international acts and recording live shows for CD and DVD production. I now have a private studio here in Atlanta and am writing, producing and recording sound tracks for TV and film. I am planning to start touring again next season.

I have also toured with Van Halen, KISS, Delmar Brown (Stings Keyboard Player) and many more. I am currently writing sound tracks for upcoming feature films and have attempted to get our boys some work in Europe on a few tours.

Dorinda Pla: I did merchandising for Nantucket 1986-1987. We provided t-shirts, sweatshirts, panties, and baseball jerseys with pictures of Nantucket and slogans such as, "Nantucket Rocks" and "Nantuckets Greatest Hits". We also sold copies of Nantucket V and Nantucket's Greatest Hits. My two years on the road with Nantucket were two of the most fun years of my life, and an experience I will never forget. Especially my first night on the road when I got left in Charleston, S.C., and slept in the truck with "Mole" and Jason Patterson. Jason's feet were in my face and Mole was on the other side of me, all on a twin size mattress! I made many lifelong friends that I still keep in touch with, and will treasure for all of my days. I will always love the music and legend of Nantucket.