Contributed by: Sara Phillips

     David Johnson never used a pick to play his bass. He used his thumb which is how he got the nickname "Thumbs" Johnson. He had a can of Pam taped to his microphone stand to spray on his thumb periodically to prevent blisters and make playing easier.

     Larry plays the following instruments in a show in addition to singing: tamborine, harmonica, trumpet, congas, bass (when Mike is singing "Real Romance"), and keyboards (when Eddie is playing saxaphone).

     Larry's dog Zella, a white German Sheperd, was the unofficial mascot of the band. There's even a song dedicated to her on Long Way To The Top. The lyrics are:

     Zella, zella
     With your shiny hair so white
     Zella, zella
     Where we gonna tour tonight
     Grab your brush and your doggie bowl
     Another month of this rock and roll
     You can make the tour alright

Contributed by: Reindeer

Some rememberances, for what they are worth:

     Q: Which band quit the first night of the AC/DC Back in Black tour, making Nantucket the Special Guest all the way across the US?
     A: Humble Pie (They fought with AC/DC about how many of the Parr lights they could use during their set. Steve Marriott also had a German Shepherd. Not sure if his and Zella ever met. We sat around in his dressing room drinking Elephant Malt Liquor.

     Q: What was the name of Mike's German Shepherd?
     A: Be-Bop. He was an unpredictable dog

     Q: How did Larry hurt his knee during a show?
     A: By jumping off of the auditorium balcony onto the stage - Doh!

     Q: Which band was using the 4104 bus when it burned in half?
     A: Doc Holiday

     Q: What was "Heartbreaker" called before it was called Heartbreaker?
     A: "Let's Boogie"

     Q: Which show was responsible for bending the superstructure of the Hollywood Sportatorium?
     A: Kiss/Nantucket, sometime around late 1979. "Flew" too much equipment. Following show was in DeLand, Florida. (Kiss crew "inadvertently" left the ball designed to blow Kiss trinkets out of it in Hollywood - it didn't work.)

     Q: Who popped the REO Speedwagon Manager in the mouth during a fight about an encore at the Winston Salem Coliseum?
     A: Richie Blackmore - Rainbow

     Q: With what band did Nantucket always seem to have some sort of a problem during shows they played together?
     A: Blue Oyster Cult

     Q: What was the worst hall to play regarding acoustics?
     A: The Scope. Took over 4 seconds for an amplified sound to completely die after it was blasted out of the main stacks. Ed Hopson timed it one day. Could have even been 7.

     Q: At which hall did Tommy introduce Moonshine to Bonn Scott?
     A: The Scope. "It's bloody brake fluid" was the reply, I recall.

     Q: Which band was Nantucket's opening act at "An evening in the Round" at Painter's Mill in New Jersey?
     A: The Cars

     Nantucket played at the Agora in Atlanta (I think we did something at every Agora Ballroom) the night before a scheduled show by Little Feat the follwing night. Unfortunately that was the evening Lowell George died from an OD.

     Famous quote by AT Redd after the AC/DC-Nantucket show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco: "I got to know what kind of whiskey they had been drinkin' by the sound the bottle made as it whistled by my ear..." This was not a fun show. The crowd assumed Nantucket was trying to "cover" AC/DC, at an AC/DC show. There was actually a piece of meat hanging off the front of the Yamaho CP-70 piano when the set was over, and yes, the band played the ENTIRE set. Tommy's CPO jacket was covered in saliva not his own. The rest of the band suffered the same indignations, especially Larry who was the unfortunate "Front man." Even Ed, who was mixing the monitors had change bouncing off him all night. That's as close as I got... The promoter made a special trip to the dressing room after the show to give the band a pep-talk and say that it's just part of the business. What was his name, a famous fellow at the time known for Fillmore East and West, Bill Griffin maybe? Later was killed in a helo crash.

     While roving around California after the last scheduled show with AC/DC, Nantucket actually played in a little club, whose name escapes me, for $100.00. Quite a change from the tour. I think 4 people were there.

     One night in Dallas, Texas the show at the hall was cancelled so AC/DC showed up at the Agora Ballroom and played a whole show for the packed club.

     At the afternoon crew meal at Sam Houston Coliseum, a place known for the excellence of the crew meals, most of the band members showed up. I was sitting next to Angus Young when someone asked, "Why doesn't Malcolm sing?" Angus' answer was that, "He used to but it interfered with his drinking."

     Last show with AC/DC in Oakland. The show is about to start, everyone is in position. Kenny is sitting on his stool. The first song began with a bang, with Kenny hitting both the hat and snare all at once, with force. What we didnt' know was that "Plug," the drum roadie who had also been the guitar roadie for Jimmy Page at a time, had filled the hat with shaving cream and put a tiny slit in the head of the snare. (Tommy was fond of saying, "But, Plug!") So, all at once, Kenny is covered with foam, his stick in resting in the middle of the snare drum and Peter Magdarz is just staring, which is funny since Plug and Phil Rudd, who snuck in to see the fun, are laughing their butts off. Kenny is yelling at Peter for another snare (which is kept ready, on hand) but continues to play what's left of his drum set, minus the snare, which is also funny because a bit of foam continues to spit out from time to time, usually onto Kenny, until the song ends and Peter can wipe it out.

     We once worked so many one-nighters in a row that Holbrook decided to check us all into a hotel so we could get 4 hours of sleep. I think we worked in the neighborhood of 40 in a row.

     One afternoon before a show with Kiss, I believe it was at the Greenville War Memorial but I couild be wrong, Tommy shook the hand of Gene Simmons and immediately brought Gene's hand up to his nose. Gene pulled his hand away, being a bit shocked. Tommy said, "I just wanted to see what Cher smelled like."

     One rare off-show night in Tennessee, Eddie decided to spiff up the bus and do a little spray painting. We got lots of chin music from the other band, "Spray cans??!!" but continued to paint. When we were done it actually looked pretty nice. What we non-painters didn't know was that you had to prime aluminum before paint sticks to it, so we left little black, blue and white paint flakes all over Tennessee and wherever else we went for the next month as our paint job deserted us.

     Here are some good names of places that will bring up memories for those of us fortunate to visit them:

     The Great Gildersleeves - The Bowery, NYC
     Stony Brook - Long Island (with Savoy Brown)
     Pocono Racetrack - in Pennsylvania with a bunch of acts for two days
     B Ginnings - up in the mountains