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Our Heros NANTUCKET LIVES! For those of you unaware, Nantucket lives on. They still play occasional "reunion" shows in and around the Carolinas. Check the shows page for info on upcoming shows.

CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED! If you have info, stories, photos, videos, swag or anything you would like to contribute, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!

08/11/02 - MAJOR UPDATE! Kenny Soule has made a most generous donation of lots of new stuff for the site. Check out the Images and Press pages!

10/05/02 - October 5 show information and setlist. Check out the Shows page!

11/08/02 - By popular request we've added a Song Lyrics page. Special thanks to Sara Phillips for her heroic effort of putting the words to many of the songs on paper. Please feel free to contribute if you find a mistake, or if you know the words to other songs, or if you can fill in the blanks of the incomplete ones posted!

11/29/02 - We have received numerous requests for updated information on PKM, so here it is. Check it out HERE!.

12/01/02 - Crew Info Page updated!

12/23/02 - New Images and a new Article!

01/02/03 - The images page has been reconfigured so that it will load faster. Check it out HERE!

01/03/03 - Doris Ackerman, owner of what has to be the largest collection of Nantucket photos and memorabilia in the world, has graciously made available to us her vast archive. See the beginnings of her contribution HERE!

01/06/03 - Tony Valadez has contributed some cool photos from the 1980 Nantucket/ACDC tour. Check them out HERE!

02/09/03 - New images, including the 1974 band promo package. Check them out HERE!

02/09/03 - New PKM band photo. Check it out HERE!

AC/DC Poster

04/09/03 - Susan Ellis-Long has contributed some photos of the Oct. 5 2002 Reunion Show in Wake Forest, NC. See the IMAGES Page!

04/25/03 - New IMAGES!

04/26/03 - New ARTICLES!

06/13/03 - Mysi Fortenberg has contributed new photos and memorabilia. Check them out HERE!

03/28/04 - Scott Jenkins has contributed new photos. Check them out HERE!

06/22/04 - Karen Burris has sent us photos from the 6/19/04 Plum Krazy's show. Check them out HERE!

07/01/04 - Scott Jenkins has contributed more images from the 6/19/04 Plum Krazy's show. Check them out HERE!

07/25/04 - Updated "Nantucket Memories" by Blaine Kellis. GO HERE!

08/19/04 - Howard Balsam has contributed some cool images from the "Long Way To The Top" era. Check them out HERE!

05/02/05 - More "Nantucket Memories" by Linda Heath, including some photos from way back in 1973. GO HERE!

04/19/06 - Joe Y has contributed some photos from the February Kinston show. Go HERE!

04/19/06 - Johnny Mclaurin has contributed some photos from the 6/19/04 Plum Krazy's show. Check them out HERE!

08/08/06 - "Nantucket Memories" from the May 11th Raleigh Benefit Show. GO HERE!

11/26/06 - New PKM images from the 11/25/06 Reunion. GO HERE!

12/02/06 - Jay at Stage Worx has contributed more PKM images from the November 2006 Reunion. GO HERE!

01/30/07 - New ARTICLE from Yes Weekly in Greensboro, NC!

11/16/07 - New ARTICLE from Independent Weekly in Raleigh, NC!

11/27/07 - "Nantucket Memories" by Bill Evans with images. GO HERE!

12/12/08 - Blaine Kellis has contributed 3 new Charlotte Observer ARTICLES from 1980.



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